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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Square Footage

"It's awfully large, Victor," Marie said. "How could you think this would be a good property to offer as a house?"Victor pawed through the real estate agent's manual. "It says right here that the way to sell anything is to up-sell. Think of that new couple, wanting lots of space for their soon-to-be little urchins to run around in. The kitchen is a galley, there's space to entertain ... there's plenty of up-sell value here!"Marie frowned. "Whose book are you reading there? Dr. Jekyll's? No one would buy a sanitarium and turn it into a home!""Now, Marie," Victor said with a tone that suggested he was talking to someone of minimal intelligence. "What about that singer who wanted to buy a convent? The right buyer is out there. You'll see."

I offer 132 words for this week's SCPP and also pay homage to the convent conversation from last week's prompt. Note the airy interior and wall-length windows! This would make a wonderful home for your large family, or if you plan to start one soon! Interested? Click the photo to visit the prompt page and make your offer ...

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Movin' On Up

#WIP: Introducing Damon, the Artist