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#WIP: Introducing Damon, the Artist

As the story begins, we meet Dave Burketsky. He and Nancy were very good friends in high school, at which time his desired vocation was to be a musician. As with Nancy, life took him in other directions and in the end, his sketches and doodles led him into a career as an artist. His 'stage name', or the name he signs to each piece, is 'Damon, the Artist'.

Dave and Nancy have an interesting relationship -- it is hard to say, had the opportunity appeared, whether they might have become a couple before she went off to university and he continued his studies at trade school and started working. Their reunion is unusual, as is their acquaintance in general (ask Nancy's friend, Carla).

Both Dave and Nancy have experienced dark periods during the time they were apart.

While the romance factor is not primary to the story, one may wonder, will Dave and Nancy get together, now that they are adults? Stay tuned to learn more about other personages in this roller-coaster ride ...

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Square Footage

Stepping off the Cliff with a #WIP: Seeking an Agent