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#WIP: Introducing Carla Emerson

Carla Jean Emerson could be considered the mental muscle behind Nancy's business enterprise. She and Nancy have known each other since childhood and are best friends. When Nancy opened 1300, her club, she immediately thought of Carla as a partner. While Nancy is the principal, Carla is the face that most people remember. It is true that Nancy is also well-known by the clientele, but as the one who oversees much of the public relations, she tends to be at meetings. Conversely, Carla is on-site every day, all day. She handles most of the staffing issues and keeps the schedule organized. Her boyfriend, Frank, is a contractor, which comes in handy when small jobs need doing around the place.Depsite a tough period in Nancy's life, she and Carla have remained in touch over the years. Carla is something of a busy-body, but the handy kind. If Nancy wants information about anyone in the old neighborhood, Carla is first on her call list.

Carla brings a bit of fun to an otherwise serious story. The story is progressing nicely! More information on characters to come ...

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