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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Where have all the People Gone?

"Whatever you do, don't take off your breathing apparatus," the teacher ordered. "The atmosphere is completely different than ours."Each student checked their nitro tanks and pointed a tentacle to the ceiling of their ship."Right. Be sure to hold tentacles when we step out. Stay close to me and if you see anything moving, be sure to let me know. And most importantly, don't touch or take anything!"The door slid open with a hiss and a floating platform appeared just outside and a few inches above the ground. The group slithered onto it and the platform moved silently toward the remains of the apartment complex."Teacher?" One small student asked. "Where are all the people?""We don't know, child. They've been gone a very long time," the teacher responded.

For some reason, this photo made me think of the show 'Life After People' that used to be on NatGeo. I think it still comes on from time to time, but what if this scenario is an example of how Earth becomes a day trip for alien school children? This 131 words offers a glimpse of just such an outing. Click the photo to visit the prompt (which included two photos) and add your thoughts.

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