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#WIP Update: The 'Un-trilogy'

If you've been around for a few moons, you may remember this commercial: popular drink 7Up was known as 'the uncola' thanks to these 1970s commercials by Mr. Geoffrey Holder and serves as a great backdrop to the current dilemma.I am pondering the creation of the 'un-trilogy'.Have you had the experience of typing or writing the closing punctuation of your #WIP, only to realize you don't want to be finished with the characters? You know that the novel is finished, but there is more in store for your MC or others.Yeah, that's where I am, but wait ... there's more:I have a few other #WIP floating around and now that I'm finished with 'Knowing Abbie', I envision how the primary characters could fit into two of them. However, 'Abbie' is a murder mystery with a touch of love story, while the second WIP is speculative fiction/alternate universe and the third is a murder mystery thriller.Just like 7Up was a cola but not, I see these three coming together as a trilogy but not. concern is that it will be like this famous Sesame Street song -- there will be too much disparity and the premise of creating a trilogy, based on familiar characters in different genres AND different situations, will just not belong.I am hoping to find an agent who can talk me off this ledge, or join me on it.In the meantime, I've shared the 'Abbie' synopsis with a friend and fellow blogger who helped me ensure it made sense to anyone outside my brain. Once I did that, I took the next giant leap.I may have mentioned it, but in case I didn't, a bit of background: 'Abbie' is a work of fiction that developed after a beloved friend of mine died a few years ago. I was devastated when I found out since we had not been in contact for a while. I am connected to his sister and asked her blessing on my idea. I sent the polished synopsis to her and am hopeful that she has a positive reaction. I am working up my query and once I hear from her -- hopefully that she loves it and wants to see it in print! -- I will start shopping it to agents.Who knows ... maybe I'll be on a literary advert for the un-trilogy one day.

#WIP Update: Past the First Hurdle

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