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#WIP Update: Past the First Hurdle

Can you hear my sigh of relief? Perhaps you heard the triumphant 'yes!' that preceded it. I got past the first hurdle in the race to bring my current #WIP, 'Knowing Abbie', to print: as mentioned in my last post, the story was inspired by a friend who passed away and I sent my synopsis to his sister.She liked it.Getting that email from one of the people closest to my friend was worthy of fist pump baby, even if my dash to publication does not look quite like the athletic young woman above.My dash is more like this:I'm climbing my way to the finish line, just like this well-dressed fellow. And that's good enough for me. Next hurdle, the covering letter.Let's do it!

#WIP Update: Covering Letter - What to Include (or Not)

#WIP Update: The 'Un-trilogy'