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November 1: It's in the Trees

The officer looked over the tops of his glasses at the detective. "I don't get it. He just kept saying 'It's in the trees. It's coming.' We had dogs and men all over that forest. There wasn't anything out there. Except for him, that is." The officer pointed his pen at the man, seated in the back of the detective's car.O'Malley had seen this before. Every year, some poor sap surfaced from the woods, covered in blood, screaming the same thing. He was tired of telling the story and for the past three years, skipped trying to explain it to the officers on scene.He pulled out his car keys and turned away from the officer. Pausing, he said, "By the way officer, did you discover anything on this guy? Did he by any chance hand you anything?"The officer pulled an evidence bag from his pocket. "He gave me this paper. It's got some weird writing on it, but I'm sure our forensics folks will figure out what it means."O'Malley turned back to the officer. "Pray that they don't."

Happy November! It's time for NanoPoblano 2015. At first, I decided not to write every day for November, and then last night I changed my mind. What will you find this month? All sorts of things, I hope. I post weekly prompts on the Cave of Scribes link and each week will have a Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt response, but beyond that is anyone's guess. My interest is captured each day by different things, so strap in -- we never know where we'll end up.So to today's treasure. The line uttered by the unnamed perp in the piece of flash fiction is one that has interested me for some time. Singer Kate Bush incorporated it in her song, 'Hounds of Love' (see below), but it's source is from a 1957 horror flick called 'Night of the Demon' (alternatively, 'Curse of the Demon'). Turner Classic Movies showed it yesterday in honor of Halloween, but I was so excited to hear 'It's in the trees! It's coming!' because I've wondered where Ms. Bush got it. Now I know. If you haven't seen 'Night of the Demon', check out the trailer here. In the meantime, here's 'Hounds of Love' for your enjoyment.

November 2: Writing About Emotional Issues, or Why Writers are Hoarders

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