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November 2: Writing About Emotional Issues, or Why Writers are Hoarders

Yeah, I said it. Out loud.Writers are hoarders.We hoard notebooks, online storage, favorite pens, pencils, or styluses.But most importantly, we hoard character names, locations, snippets of potential dialogue, and story lines. We hoard ideas that come from everywhere, particularly the deepest depths of our hearts.My current #WIP is nothing but hoarding. I've carried the story of my friend's death in the front of my mind since it happened. One of the first ways I decided to work it all out psychically was to write about it. I blogged, which helped, but I soon realized there was more in my emotional baggage than a post or two. I came up with an idea to write a book, a piece of fiction that would encapsulate everything in that baggage. I feel pretty good about what came about, but there is one small problem.I have more story.I am hopeful that I will connect with an agent whose tastes are as eclectic as mine and who can find a place for me in the publishing realm where I can park all that stuff in a place, other than my brain.Not sure if it will work, but I'm ready to try.That's what writers do.

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