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Scribes Cave Picture Prompt: Arrivals

The couple stepped out and the sounds of their feet on the aged linoleum echoed."Basil, are we in the right terminal?" Victoria asked.Basil cleared his throat and the growl of phlegm returned over and again. He used the hand that was not gripping his wife's elbow to adjust his thick glasses, then reached into his pocket, and removed a crumpled flight pass. "Is this Terminal 1? The ticket says we'd arrive at Terminal 1.""Pardon me," someone said from the darkness. "Are you called McGee? Mister and Missus?"Victoria squeezed Basil's hand and answered, "Sorry, no. We're the McKee's. Mister and Missus."A frightully skeletal man emerged from the shadows and bowed at the waist. "I am so sorry for the mistake. It seems our people drew the wrong couple. You see, this is, er, departures. The McGees are due to leave today."He pointed toward the light. "Go that way and you'll find Arrivals." He smiled, showing two rows of razor sharp teeth. "It seems we aren't due to meet for a few more decades. I do look forward to it."With renewed energy, the couple walked quickly toward the light, and life.

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