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November 5: Extroverted Writing

What a great image -- it seems to suggest that extroverts talk and introverts think. If you take the Meyers-Briggs, there is a bit of truth to that.However, personality testing is not the point of this post.Well, maybe it is a little.I am an introvert by nature:

  • Being in crowds wearies me.
  • I could not go out for days at a time.
  • I am good in places where I don't have to say a word.

That would make a boring book, don't you think?Thank goodness I can be an extroverted writer. My characters do things I wouldn't dream of doing. They are talkative party goers who are often surrounded by a close group of confidants but live in a large circle of people, most often in a city.I have friends who I would consider extroverts and I count my husband in that number. He loves being around people -- professionally, he was a performing and traveling musician for many years. I am grateful for these folks because they help me understand a world I don't live in.My characters can say things I wouldn't. It's easy for them to flirt or curse or in the horror or thriller pieces, they can do harm. The most harm I've done in my life is trying to be an artist. In junior high, our art teacher said my human subject drawing had no soul.Guess that (and all the Vincent Price movies and Rod Serling series I watched) is what drove me to writing. Good thing.

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