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November 6: Selfish Pepper

I beg your pardon ... I've just realized how selfish I've been.You may be wondering about the dates for each post that began on the first of November and mysterious mentions of NanoPoblano. You may have asked, "What is this NanoPoblano? A newfangled song?", it's not 'banana fana fofana', even though that might have been fun.In addition to serving as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), November is also National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), which, as the world's greatest dino-loving writer Ra mentioned, is hard to say.Thus, Ra introduced the world to NanoPoblano!There are a bunch of bloggers who have committed to posting every day for the month of November and we've been identified as the Official Peppers. We probably need jackets with large epaulets or something to commemorate the occasion, but since such attire is not the best fashion statement, we'll fix ourselves up with this beautiful badge:nanopoblano2015darkNow, how fine is that?Mighty fine, I'd say. Be sure to pop over to Ra's list of peppers, click on a few links, and give a read to the daily posts. You can also look for folks on Twitter by using #Nanopoblano2015. I hope to see you throughout the month. We all appreciate your likes and comments!

November 7: A Day with Hitler and Elvis(es)

November 5: Extroverted Writing