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November 13: Last Will and Testament

I suspect many of us begin to think about the end of our days as we get older and I am no exception. I respectfully request that my time occurs in as peaceful a way as possible. I would like to fall asleep and slip away, no muss, no fuss. I worry about heart attacks, strokes, and the End of Days -- while I pray to be one of those who are taken up with Christ, I am afraid of heights: being drawn up into the sky used to be a dream as a child (what kid doesn't want their own set of wings? I used to dream I could fly, but as I got older, I couldn't get as far off the ground and eventually I stopped having flying dreams), and then there is the possibility that I won't be chosen and the descriptions of the Tribulation don't make for good times, either.I used to think about trying to buy an above-ground crypt, where all my favorite belongings could be interred with me. I realized how weirdly selfish the idea was and gave up on that plan. Unless I become a NYT best-seller, I might not have enough to inter myself, much less all my belongings!I then considered donating my body to those folks up north who leave them out in the open to see what happens as they decompose. Gives real meaning to 'from dust to dust'. I think each person is left out there with no clothes on and I don't like that idea. Gimme at least some pajamas.Back to my stuff. There are the books and historical artifacts from my family. I am an only child of an only child. When I go, there is no one left to remember. Our children have their own lives and my son in particular, who has special needs, has no interest in such history. I have considered getting rid of some of those artifacts now, since whoever will have to liquidate everything would not have a clue as to how to value it.As far as my personage, I have pretty much decided on cremation. I'd like my ashes scattered in the Atlantic, the ocean of my birth.I'd like to leave this place as carefree as I entered it -- unburdened by what those left behind me will have to deal with once I go.

Sorry for the morbid Friday the 13th post, but it's what was on my mind today.As a real reminder, if you don't have life insurance, if you don't have a will, consider it. If not for yourself, for your spouse and your children. If you are single, even more so. Donate your finances to a cause. Chances are, your state is wealthy enough ... And if not, why not let the decision to be yours?

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