The Starving Activist is the sometimes-home for words. AR Neal (that’s me) finds them, cultivates them, and leaves them here. Enjoy.

November 15: Little Pilar

"Pilar, darling -- I can't let you do that! You might fall out, or someone might see you." Basil, her assistant, tried reason but to no avail.Pilar rolled her eyes dramatically. "I won't fall out. And what if someone does see me? Think anyone will believe if they tell?" She reached for the handle.Basil moved quickly. "Okay, okay. You can open it, but I need to tie this around you. I can yank you back if you lean too far." He carefully reached around her slender waist, tied the string, and stepped back. "Go on."With a smile, Pilar stood on the edge of the door and pushed it open. The highway stretched out behind the truck in which they were riding. She turned to Basil and shouted over the wind. "Take my picture! This natural wind is better than any studio fan!"Basil opened one of the travel cases, removed a camera, and complied. "Who knows -- these might make the cover instead of the ones from the Malibu set," he said.Pilar turned back to the opening and waved.

Leslie pointed out the window. "Mom, did you see that?"

Samantha, Leslie's mother, said, "See what, dear?"

"Pull a little closer to that truck in front of us," Leslie instructed.

Samantha smiled. "What are we looking for?"

Leslie pointed again. "See that little door? There was a woman standing in it and she waved. She looked a lot like my Pilar doll."

"First off, young lady, that door is far too small for an entire person to stand in. Second, that's the back of a tractor trailer - no person could legally be in there. And last, maybe you saw another Pilar doll. It could be a transport truck." Samantha tried to reason with her daughter.

"Look!" Leslie shouted.

Pilar laughed. "Look, Basil -- I think we're being followed by some fans," she said as she waved again.

My husband and I were driving behind a tractor trailer that had the little door open. My reaction? Imagine if there was a face in the door. My husband's reaction? You have to go for the morbid, every time, don't you? My next reaction? What if there was a little person, standing in the little door?And now you know.

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