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November 17: Meeting Icons

On Saturday while I worked, I channel surfed until I landed on the Reelz channel. There was a documentary about Michael Jackson playing. It was sad for many reasons, the largest of which was that Mr. Jackson is deceased and could not refute any of the information offered. I know -- much of what was said has been sort of confirmed. My personal armchair psychologist take on the matter is that Mr. Jackson suffered from, as some of the people on the documentary suggested, a desire to have the childhood he never had. It led to some unfortunate stuff. I wasn't there, so I won't begin to suggest either way whether there were criminal acts involved. Let's leave that for the Ultimate Judge.The program saddened me because Mr. Jackson was one of the people I had wanted to meet at some point in my life. I was curious about the Neverland Ranch -- who wouldn't be curious about a 3,000-acre property? It would be nice to even own such a location, maybe. Unfortunately, I don't have a spare $75-100 million.Beyond that, it made me think of the other people I've wanted to meet over time. I could sit and list the others, but I'm still reeling (no pun intended, Reelz Channel) from the article about Neverland and this documentary's revelations.Before I go back to work, I will share a short story about one icon I did meet: Ray Bradbury. I might have shared this at some point in the past, but the deal was, Mr. Bradbury was in town. I have a grainy photo from that evening and also was able to get my copy of Fahrenheit 451 signed. It was one of the greatest days of my writing life, as Mr. Bradbury is an inspiration.What icon (living or dead) would you like to meet? Have you met any, really?

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