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November 18: So Vain, and This Post Isn't About You

I hope Ms. Simon will forgive me for mangling her song: was 'liking' a post from a fellow blogger and realized it was time to change my Gravatar photo. It wasn't a big deal, but I didn't look like the photo anymore. It had been taken at a time when I was sporting much longer hair -- dreadlocks, in fact -- which I had cut off months ago.When I started blogging, I didn't use an actual photo of myself. I first used a photo from one of my favorite movies, The Car. One photo was of the car grille and the other was a front end image. It was cool to me, but no one got the impression I was a female. That wasn't an issue, but I thought it was important to offer some basic information about myself and I wanted to indicate my gender and ethnicity. No big deal, right? I went on a search for an anime figure who could represent me, a chocolate child. I didn't find very many. Two, in fact. There are many more offered via Google search today and I can't find the two from back then right now, but here is the image I used for just about all (two or three of) my social media personages:gravatarI eventually got brave enough to put my own photo up, but the early ones were never with eye contact. I faced to the side. If you visit the photos on my Facebook page, you'll see them. Not too long after that, I decided to get on with it and post a facing front image of myself.And here we are today.But wait, there's more.In my own growth process toward as much authenticity as I can muster, I decided to ensure my web presence was authentic across all the networks where I exist. There are a few that haven't been updated and as I find them, I am changing them. Wordpress was the latest in the bunch.Just thought I'd share that tidbit today.What do you use as your web image? Is it you? A cartoon? A real photo? Something else? Does it matter?

November 19: Outcry

Book Review - Shards of Fate: The Rising