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November 19: Outcry

FRANCE-ATTACKSWhat happened on last Friday in Paris is beyond words.The questions -- how could this happen, who is responsible, why would anyone do this -- are justified and understandable in the face of such an act. The same questions were asked on September 11th. The same questions were asked when the Hebdo office in Paris was struck.The same questions resonate whenever a purposeful act of violence occurs, particularly in areas identified as 'Western'.I respectfully submit that such questions are appropriate.However, we do not devote as much airtime when similar horrific events happen in 'non-Western' locations. Yes, the national camera has been focused on the large numbers of individuals leaving Syria, but what about all the other regions of the world where people are dying, are frightened, and are trying to survive under oppression? What about starving people the world over? What about indigenous peoples who are being wiped out systemically across the globe?Where is the outcry for those persons?It is important to be outraged at any act of violence, no matter where it happens. As such, every person should feel some level of righteous indignation every moment of every day because of the continual acts of impropriety against women, children, the elderly, the infirm, those whose personal preferences for religion or relationship differ ... the list goes on.Presidential candidate and former Florida governor Jeb Bush was on Meet the Press Sunday morning. He reminded viewers that the Paris attack was 'an attack on Western civilization' and that everyone should attend to that fact.The world is bigger than the 'West'. The cries of those who suffer and mourn stretch well beyond 'Western' borders.I shed tears for Paris, and for the world.

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