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November 20: SCPP - The Villa

"Oh, John -- Look at that round entrance door! It's just as I imagined." Barbara was thrilled.John pulled the collar of his overcoat a bit closer as the wind nipped at the back of his neck. "It reminds me of a Hobbit door." He glanced at the darkened windows. "You do realize this was an amusement park and not a residence, right?"Barbara shrugged. "So? I can do what I want if I buy it. Imagine how much fun our children will have here!"John blinked rapidly. They were not even married yet."Oh, don't worry John," Barbara said, smiling. "I'll make sure this villa and the property are not part of our prenuptial agreement."John smiled back, thinly. "That's okay, Barbara -- I don't think I could bare to keep it, should anything happen to our relationship."

I offer 137 words for this week's Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt and today's #NanoPoblano post. I think this might make a lovely home, but there is something a bit creepy about it ... click the photo to visit the prompt and give us your take.

November 21: Never Far Away

November 19: Outcry