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International Label Day

So ... life got in the way but as usual, our Ra reminded us that today is International Label Day. She did it spectacularly and it is vital that you zip off to read her post. And after you read that one, go read the other one. No worries - by clicking, you will open a separate page and can come back to read the rest of this post afterward. I'll wait.Fabulous, right? Told you.You might wonder what label I've given myself this year. Here's the image I shared with Ra for it:2011_profileThis photo is from 2011 and I used it for a while as my Facebook profile pic.My label is 'strangely contemplative'.I'm always thinking, either about family matters, faith-related issues, work and my students and of course, my writing. The last bit is where 'strangely' comes into play.The photo captures both words quite well, I think. I would posit that my photo suggests 'contemplative' while the thought bubble is the 'strangely' part. If you don't know the image in the thought bubble, let me remind you. It is the customized 1971 Mark III from one of my favorite movies, 'The Car'. Here's the trailer to refresh your memory: you haven't seen the film, a few spoilers follow.The Car is said to be demon-possessed.I am not demon- or otherwise possessed, let me assure you, but I have had a fascination with this vehicle since first seeing the movie many years ago. I am hoping the nice people at Barrett's allow me to modify a Mark III to look and sound like this one. That will happen when I am very wealthy - it's on my 'must do' list.Anyway, no one knows for sure where The Car came from, why it targeted this particular town, or where it went. The ending credits suggest that nothing can stop the vehicle as it terrorizes the land.I don't think I do a lot of terrorizing. My husband may disagree when it comes to writing (I do terrorize him a bit with my random 'Guess what? I had an idea for a character name' or 'Guess what? I had a dream and it would make a great story'), watching 'Law & Order' as I work, or fussing at the television when a scary movie is on (If you hear someone in the distance yelling, 'Don't go in there!' it's probably me).I do, however, have some strange qualities. I'm a writer, so that's a given.And there you have it.

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