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November 22: Crazy

I had a 'crazy' dream this morning, just around dawn.In it, I was at a beach -- I suspect it was on the tip of Cape Horn because it was sort of like this:There was a bit of sandy beach, though. But the rocks and waves were just like the picture.The other difference was that there were quite a few people there. Including a younger Kanye West (it was a dream - don't judge), who was hanging out with the son of a friend of mine. They were pals, visiting this wild stretch of beach, with all the people (who I didn't recognize but knew in the dream).Anyway, just before I walked out and into the water, I turned back toward land. When I turned around again to walk into the water, there wasn't any. All the people who had been frolicking out there were seated at tables, like at a picnic. My eyes bugged out, wondering what had happened to all the lovely water. I was heartbroken because I had wanted to go out there to frolic as well.As I walked by, the seated people started mumbling about me:

Did you see her face? She's crazy! Look at her expression -- see that crazy look she gave us?

I proudly turned to them and announced, Of course I'm crazy. I'm a writer.A man asked me what I wrote.I answered, "Some of everything."He said, "What, like Steinbeck?""No, more like Stephen King," I announced.He went on to describe how he used a particular writing program but his friend (a famous writer in the dream, whose name I can't remember, but who I know isn't anyone I've ever heard of for real) told him about another program that he started using."However," he prattled on, "I bricked it and couldn't open my project. I asked my friend and he told me to rename the file to include my name and guess what? I could open it again!"I woke up after that.The 'crazy' comment is what stuck with me, though. When I was detailing the dream to my husband, I found myself smiling.I smiled because it was true:

Of course I'm crazy. I'm a writer.

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