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November 23: Voiceover you don't know your Logan's Run, the voice of Box -- the silver ice robot in the film -- belongs to the one and only Mr. Roscoe Lee Browne.Mr. Browne, a fellow New Jersey born and bred individual, had a wonderful career that included film, television, and theatre. As his biography reports, he was athletic as well. And as if that isn't enough, he taught French and comparative literature at university.In my alternate universe, Mr. Browne is still alive and would be the person hired by my agent to voice all my books. His voicing of Box in Logan's Run is typical of the lyrical nature he provided to every role in which I have seen him. Even as Mr. John Wayne's sidekick in The Cowboys. Go back and click the video again -- close your eyes and listen. Yeah.If for some reason I am unable to create or find said alternate universe, my second selection to voice my books would have to be fellow Rutgers University alum, Mr. Avery Brooks. You may remember him from Star Trek's Deep Space Nine. clip is quite salient to the times in which we exist. He is discussing an episode of DS9 in which the main character is a Black science fiction writer who is seeking a way to be published. It reminded me of the comments made by Mr. Spike Lee about how difficult it is for a Black person to become the head of a Hollywood studio.Not only is Mr. Brooks a fellow Rutgers alum, but he is the first Black person to receive a Masters of Fine Arts in acting and directing from Rutgers. Check out his voice -- makes it a difficult choice, doesn't it?Who does your voiceovers?

November 24: SCPP - Family Dinner

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