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November 25: Medical Experimentation

I considered offering a warning at the start of this post, but you all know me by now. It could deal with anything.I was watching the National Geographic Wild channel the other day and there was a special on strange medical treatments, such as fly larvae therapy (translation: maggots placed in a wound to eat the necrotic flesh). It made me think of one of the worst horrors in history -- the medical experimentation of Dr. Josef Megele.The idea that there was a Race and Settlement Main Office [Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt, or RuSHA] department, through which the doctor did much of his work, could be a post unto itself.Ironically, the reputation attributed to Mengele is probably not as horrid as it should be.He was not the only doctor assigned to Auschwitz or Birkenau. His cruelty was evident in the way he chose the captives who would be sent to the work camps or who would be killed and experimented on.  His 'fame' stems also from his experimentation on twins, many of whom were children.Further,

Like most “scientists” at work in the concentration camp environment, Mengele enlisted the aid of trained medical professionals among the prisoner population to perform the more grisly, or mundane, tasks and to carry out autopsies upon his dead victims. We owe much of our early knowledge of Mengele's activities at Auschwitz to Dr. Miklos Nyiszli, a prisoner-physician who assisted Mengele under duress, and then published his experiences, initially in his native Hungarian, in 1946. (His Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account appeared in English in 1960.)From the article, Josef Mengele

There is much more on the site linked above about Mengele and his partners.The atrocities that man has brought to man are often too terrible to discuss. However, it is important to remember, particularly at the times of year when we are supposed to be thankful -- thankful for those who survived, thankful for those who sacrificed themselves to save someone else. As the Biblical passage goes, we perish for lack of knowledge.Let us remember and learn from the cruelty of the past in an effort to not repeat it.

November 26: The Dinner Table

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