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November 28: Thanksgiving is Gone, but I Bet You Still Have Left-Over Cherpumple!

cherpumple w CPDid the title of this post frighten you? It should. Take a look at the photo above and if you're really brave, click it to go to the original article (with recipe!).It is three pies and cakes, all in one. Which makes it a pie, a cie, or a pake, if it were created at our house. However, its official name is Cherpumple.I saw the word 'Cherpumple' on Facebook the week before Thanksgiving and clicked on the photo myself. Having been frightened over the Turducken, I had to experience (at least online -- no way I'd eat it) the dessert version.The best part of this item is its name: Cherpumple. That's fabulous! I am still saying it.Out of all the things left-over from this um, Western holiday, eat-fest, excuse to overindulge, or whatever you want to call it, I would think this monstrosity might stick around until the next holiday.Or century.What holiday food item creates the most left-overs at your house?

November 29: #NanoPoblano Redux

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