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November 30: Time to Be Movin' On

Martin fussed. "If you don't stop humming that tune!""Huh? Oh, sorry. I didn't realize," Rowan replied. "I used to watch Lawrence Welk with my gramma and the closing theme just got stuck in my head.""Why?"Rowan shrugged. "We're leaving today, man. It's the last day for us. Time to move on.""You make it sound so final," Martin answered."Look around," Rowan said as he waved his hand to indicate the empty buildings and parking lot. "It looks pretty final to me."

Well, it's the last day of #NanoPoblano, otherwise known as National Blog Post Month (NaNoBloPoMo). It seemed fitting to offer these 84 words for this week's SCPP post about a partially closed mine and offer a hat's off to a couple of 70's icons: Mr. Lawrence Welk and a great pair of comedians from Laugh In. Click the photo to visit the prompt and give your impressions.As an aside, here is the closing theme from Mr. Welk's show:

This Time, It's My Hometown

November 29: #NanoPoblano Redux