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The Day After

Yesterday, my town was highlighted in the national and international spotlight as being home to the second worst mass killing on US soil since Newtown, CT in 2012.I am sure none of the many locations where people have been killed en masse have ever desired such a dubious distinction. Compared for having the best chili or largest dog as compared to another city or town? Sure. But this?I think of the baby, now with her grandmother, and the others related to the young man and woman (he was 28 and she was 27) who were killed and who were said to have committed these acts in San Bernardino that left 14 dead and 18 wounded (17 at the Regional Center and one officer later on).It's the day after and the news media are here, President Obama and the current slate of presidential candidates have spoken, the gun lobbyists and gun law lobbyists are bantering with the pundits.I took my car for servicing this morning. It was about 7:15 AM and one of the technicians asked his colleague, "How's your wife?"The other man answered, "She's okay."My technician said in a low voice, "His wife was there yesterday."The few of us in the dealership at that hour offered our ... what word can I use? Condolences don't work, but we felt sadness ... I guess words of comfort are the best way to describe what we said.He shared that his wife works on the second floor of the Regional Center building.  She is safe, but to be exposed to such an experience is ... there are no words.It is the day after and there will be a candlelight vigil this evening at the stadium.It is the day after and I saw a Twitter note that the White House will lower flags to half-staff for the victims.It is the day after and the roads are quiet.It is the day after and the local public radio station ran an interview with our city's former mayor.It is the day after and Waterman Avenue is closed between Orange Show and Hospitality (the section of roadway that runs past the Regional Center).It is the day after and it hurts just as bad.It will for a while.

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