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Attack in San Bernardino: An Open Letter to Politicians

Dear Everyone Running for the Top Office in the United States:I live in San Bernardino and my son is a client of the Inland Regional Center. We were not present during the shooting but are very shaken by the experience because of the people we have encountered who work, learn, and receive services there on a regular basis.I could tell you about the time I took my son to a Halloween party there. He dressed as Bat Man. But let's save that conversation for another day.I have been listening to all the conversations being lobbed about regarding gun control, how things would have been different if the people in the Center had been carrying and knew how to use their weapons, how the current administration is not tough enough on terrorism ...I respectfully ask that you take a moment to visit our town. Come here and see what we see each day.As a matter of fact, why don't you contact the leaders at the Regional Center next week when they return to work -- they are taking time off in an attempt to process what has happened, so don't ring them until after Wednesday -- to ask if you can visit and meet some of the employees and clients.Why don't you reach out to the people who work every day at our Department of Health to learn what kinds of issues are affecting the men, women, and children of this city?Doing so might give you more insight into what it means to be an ordinary American: you would learn what we think about income inequality, job statistics (or joblessness and homelessness), healthcare, immigration, global warming and extinction, and of course, safety.I respectfully ask that you not make this about you and your campaign but about people.If you want to talk about my town, my neighbors, and the people who serve us, then be about it. Like I mention above, come visit. I'd love to buy you a cup of coffee and talk about the short time I have lived here and why I think, despite its difficulties, San Bernardino is one of the best cities in our nation.If you visit any city or town in this country -- where something bad has happened or not -- you'll find people, just like me, who think their location is one of the best in the nation. But since something bad happened here and San Bernardino has joined the international stage regarding bad happenings, let's get down to what it all means to us, here.And that is important for you to know when you talk about us and our issues. Or any town and its issues. For real.

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