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My Life, Or - Living La Vida Oblong

The Oblongs. Courtesy: Cartoon Network's Adult SwimHave you seen The Oblongs? If not, you are missing a treat. The family (pictured above) live down the hill from the rich folks, including the Bob's boss, who is the father of the snootiest girls around. The Debbies all look alike and dislike just about everyone else, particularly the valley kids.The Debbies - rich, weird, and perfectly dislikable.Milo Oblong (the dude in the family photo at the start of the post with the fabulous 'No' shirt on) is my favorite. He has some wildly funny friends as well:There are days when I come to the realization that life was not meant to be normal.If you catch an episode of The Oblongs, you may note that while Milo and his friends often have a harder time fitting in and all that when compared to the hill kids, they seem to be more genuine. No one is perfect, we all have Oblong-like features (maybe not as pronounced as the 'real' Oblongs, but you know what I'm saying), and I would submit we are better for it.If no one laughs at the jokes you hear in your head, so be it.Root for Hannibal Lecter in 'Silence of the Lambs'? Good for you (it was on today, so I had to include it. Sir Anthony Hopkins is one of my favorites).Considered the geek or nerd by your neighbors as a kid? Great - Own it, babe.Live la vida Oblong and be proud.

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