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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Old Lang Sign

Sue was unhappy. She had gone to the salon and had her hair done up special, yet here they were -- traipsing across some empty countryside. "How much farther, Patrick?"Patrick's eyes danced as he turned to look at her. "Not far. Look." He pointed toward a large structure that looked like steps for a baby giant. "That's it."Sue wrinkled her nose. This was the last trip she would ever take with Patrick. His idea of romantic and hers were vastly different. "Why are we here?""This is where I grew up. It's just about New Year's and I wanted to come back and see the old place. Make amends. Old Lang sign and all that," he answered with a smile and pointed as they came into the shadows of the dilapidated structure. The sign on the front proclaimed 'Lang Building'.She frowned and continued walking. 'Old long ago' and no more brought to mind it most certainly should have been.

Since we will enter a new year at the end of this week, it seemed most appropriate to use my 161 words this week to recognize a song sung in many places to recognize the passage of time. 'Auld Lang Syne' has an interesting past, if you were unaware. Click here to read more about the Scottish heritage of this popular year end (or beginning of the year) tune. Be sure to click on the image to go to the prompt and add your thoughts as well! A cup a' kindness to each of you, now and all the year through!

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