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A Kingdom-like Ode to Anniversaries

One of the best persons to tell a story about family has to be our one and only Jester, over at the Matticus Kingdom. If you haven't visited, followed, and all the other things good bloglings do, for shame. Click the link provided in the words 'Matticus Kingdom' in the first sentence and do so, immediately. It will make you feel better, I promise -- posts over at the Kingdom are worth your time.But, I digress.Today is an auspicious day in the Cave. It's an anniversary and thanks to the Jester, I decided to write a Kingdom-like ode to it. Hopefully, I've lived up to the task. Feel free to throw virtual tomatoes if I fall short.---

 Once upon a time, there was an outgoing fella who tripped over the hidden entrance door to a quiet cave. Undaunted, he knocked on the door and was met by the introverted woman who lived there. She peered out at him. "What is it?" she asked.He held out a hand and pointed into the wilderness that surrounded her cave. "There's so much to see -- let's go!"There was something about the fella that made the woman, who was not accustomed to such activity, decide it was worth taking a chance. She took his hand and off they went, in search of adventure. The fella talked to everyone and everything they met along the way while the woman carefully attempted to plot safe passage. They made a pretty good team and, with the consent of their offspring, committed to one another and combined their efforts.As time went on, they had many joint adventures together -- conquering dragons, fighting ghosts, and wiping tears (those caused by sadness and those caused by incredibly amazing funny things as well).A day came when the woman suggested they saddle up their dirigibles and take off for new shores -- the fella agreed. They packed up what they could and set sail. They trailed one another across many miles, setting down long enough to sleep and snack before taking off again. They arrived in a desert land filled with heat, occasionally friendly tumbleweed, and new things that went bump in the night. A new cave was secured and they settled down to await their next adventure.Although they had come to the new place with four-legged feline friends, they wanted to add to the pack. Soon they were joined by a number of canine friends who helped make the cave even cozier.Time passed and one day, the fella and the woman looked up to find that many years had passed. They looked at each other, smiled, held hands, and prepared for bigger and better adventures to come. As they steered into the future, they said, "Happy anniversary, love."---And there you have it. My anniversary message to the leader of our pack, my dear husband, Christopher Neal. To many more adventures!

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: New Light

Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: Old Lang Sign