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A Time Machine is Always the Best Gift

I received a time machine in my post this afternoon.I was able to lock in, close my eyes, and travel back in time.Bet you didn't think time machines existed, right? Well, of course they do.I've written about my most wonderful friend, Don Buchanan before. April of this year will mark eight years since he Moved On. Today, I heard his voice again.His sister sent me a lovely note and an audio disc, filled with hours of recordings of his time as a college radio DJ. I too was a DJ at the same station and spent some time as music director as well. I had my headphones on and smiled, listening to his voice, listening to the music he played, listening to the PSAs he read and commentary he offered and jokes he cracked and upcoming show information he shared and, and, and ...He mentioned being stuck in hours of traffic on his way to Cape May and I wondered if that had been the time he came to visit me.I only listened to a small fraction of the individual recordings on the disc and was proud that I didn't cry. I wanted to cry, but I was too happy, having traveled back in time. I know I couldn't stay there, but still ... for a few moments, I was there. He was there. And it was right.Another cool thing is that I can take you with me. Don was in a great NJ band called the Mad Daddys. This video features him at the very start. the experience of hearing his voice again has none of the trappings of what one Miss Elva Keene went through in that Twilight Zone episode, it could be said that it is similar to a call from Beyond.However, I'll not chase this caller away as Ms. Keene did. I shall await the next ring and answer it happily, if only to hear the voice of my friend once more.

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