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Brain-eating stories and what to do about them

After returning from my time travel yesterday, I watched a bit of television and went to bed, expecting to wake up to a need for alternative power sources for my computer. The electric company had a planned outage in December, but due to unforeseen circumstances postponed until today. Once again it seems they were thwarted -- the alleged El Nino rain made everything dark and squishy, which is typically not a good condition in which to work on electric wires.Yay, me: no need for pedal-powered computers. Not that I have a cycle generator, but what a cool idea (wandering off to secret laboratory to build said generator ... at least in imagination)!But I digress as usual.In the middle of the night I had an epiphany (read: story idea that would not be denied). I mean, this thing was so insistent, it was chewing on my brain (much like the Brain Eaters from the movie) to the point I couldn't sleep. After addressing the immediate needs of my students today and making sure I could still connect to the interwebs should the power be shut off, I opened Scrivener and started in. Later I paused to check out Duotrope for a possible place to submit once I finish. It's sitting there now, in a very early draft, while 'One Step Beyond' plays in the background.Inspiration, you know.So what to do with brain-eating stories? Write them.How do you handle those story ideas that just won't let you alone?

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