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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt: To the Airwaves

"Can you get anything, John?" Eunice was frightened, the bombs outside exploding ever closer to their bunker.John cranked the handle once more. "I thought I heard something in the static that time, but no one answered. Control told us they were enabling the abandoned wires again, but that blasted acid rain has rusted all the copper cables." He babbled the explanation as if she cared."Someone must have survived." He looked at her. "Right?"

There were two similar photos for this week's prompt -- both of them old telephone sets. This one, with the swipes in the dust, spoke more loudly to me to inspire the previous 75 words.Actually, the Thomas Dolby song 'Airwaves' offered most of the inspiration. The video is offered below and if you click here, you can read the lyrics for it (and for all the other songs on the 'Golden Age of Wireless' album). 

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