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Write Now, 19 January 2016: Today's Conspiracy

He saw his sister's number come up on the Caller ID and wondered what today's conspiracy theory would be. "There's a number and letter code!" He heard her whisper loudly as he lifted the telephone receiver to his ear."What are you talking about?" He asked.She sighed loudly. "The albums, the albums! Are you listening to me? There's code -- printed in the dead vinyl near the label. Why do you think they call it that? 'Dead vinyl'?""Some call it the run-out area," he replied. "Some also suggest that it is the lead-out of the track. Many of my albums had writing on them."She hesitated. "Your ... albums ... have them?""Had. I don't own any albums anymore. Had them converted to digital and sold them. Well, all except the 'White Album'."He heard her breathing. "Are you okay?""You don't get it." She hung up."Nope. Sure don't," he said to himself, wondering what tomorrow's call would bring.

Ah, hello, Write Now -- it's been an age. Thought I'd jump in, get my feet wet again, and offer a little something for this prompt.I was convinced the writing in the lead-out, run-out, or dead vinyl (whichever term you prefer) was a secret code. Finding out much of what I saw there was little more than the matrix number for each pressing was quite a let-down. However, the cool ones that came with messages? Something else entirely ...

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