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'Tis the Season...

We hear that phrase so many times between Thanksgiving and Christmas, particularly in the US and Canada, don't we? The phase comes from the lyrics to the holiday song, "Deck the Halls." One of the more interesting parts of the song include these words:

Sing we joyous, all together/Heedless of the wind and weather

We don't often get to that part of the song as it is contained in the last grouping of fa la la's, but how important is it to remember that so much of what we sing about relates to levels of comfort that many in our immediate area cannot enjoy?How many folks have you connected with this season? I mean real connecting--not via email or social media, or even the cursory Christmas card? I am asking you with whom have you sat shiva lately? With whom have you taken the time to spend time and to just listen?Not many people have the heart (or space!) for homeless ministry that entails bringing people in-doors, but there are those who will not be joyous and must heed the wind and weather all year long because they have no choice; in what ways have you helped anyone who has less than you? And it doesn't have to be someone without a home; take a cue from the Plano, TX officer who gave money along with a citation.Don't turn away from the Salvation Army bucket. Give a little something to the person at the bottom of the highway off ramp. Pay for somebody else's coffee. Give yourself away to kindness.'Tis the season.

Poverty Kaleidoscope

"Christmas, Christmas time is here..."