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Living on the Precipice, Pt. 1: Apocalyptic FAIL

So, how's the end of your world going?Hollywood Rumor has it that the world is ending tomorrow, December 21, 2012. If you are reading this in a part of the world where it already is December 21, chances are somebody was wrong.We can't blame the folks who allegedly got this whole thing started. In case you have been under a rock with no internet for a while, that would be the Maya. Supposedly, there are some ruins in Mayan territory that suggest a really big thing going down on December 21, 2012.Here's where the apocalyptic FAIL comes in:

"The Maya never, ever, said anything about the world ending at any time — much less this year,"

That quote is from Maya expert, David Stuart. Check out the whole story here. But here's the best quote of all from Mr. Stuart that suggests this whole doomsday thing is not only, to quote our US Vice President, Mr. Biden, a bunch of malarkey, but is an epic fail:"I think in our culture, too, or maybe globally — humans like to come up with excuses, sometimes, just to freak out,"... "I think the Maya have become an excuse for something a bit larger. ... It's a reflection of a lot of tension, a lot of anxiety in our society. And Lord knows, there's a lot of real problems out there. But this isn't one of them. You know, the Mayan calendar is certainly not something we need to worry about."Ah, yes, humans coming up with excuses. Just to freak out. Since the story about lemmings leaping to their deaths is fake, how about we say that humans are like guinea fowl? We like the chase: if someone says something intriguing, we chase it, true or not. While said chasing does not often end in our physical death, it may lead to a great deal of humiliation when we are found to be wrong. And by then, it's too late to turn, point, and say, "Well, that's what he told me."Once, my husband had a conversation about the origin of AIDS with this guy we knew and  I was going to share the story of a guy, when confronted with the stupidity of an immense knowledge FAIL, said "Well, that's what I was told," but thought wiser of it. Yep, I digress.For those of us who live in pretty much any westernized country, like the US or Canada, and have not been exposed to hardships, we too often find it pretty easy to point and say, "Yeah, what he/she said" with no fact-checking if it sounds good to us. That stinks.There are folks losing their lives for freedoms we take for granted and the best we can do is to forward that it-kinda-sounds-good-enough-to-be-credible email that is either 1) untrue, 2) offensive for real, 3) twisted, or 4) just plain dumb. For real?We stand at the precipice of being real, doing real, and giving real. Are we going to waste those gifts on mediocrity? Are you?Quit staring at the calendar and go do something meaningful tomorrow.And if the world does end, hopefully you have made your peace with God, hugged your loved ones, cleaned the litter box, and threw out the sour milk.Until we meet again, on this side or the next.

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