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Irresistible Shares: One Snap Pea

From last Friday, while I was in the office:I waited with anticipation for the 1-2 minutes of 'sitting time' to pass; I was ready to try a new TV dinner.Okay, so they don't call them TV dinners anymore. They are microwave meals. Right? Or has the vernacular once again moved on without me?So I dated myself. So what. I can be a proud child of the sixties if I want. I actually don't have a choice, since I am a child of the sixties, but I digress (you'll notice I do that rather often. It's probably because I was born in the Age of Aquarius. And am an Aquarius, also. Wow--double whammy).This particular microwave delicacy was a five-minute wonder from a certain well-known boxed food manufacturer Lean Cuisine who has a number of different lines of product. They all come in boxes. They all take about five minutes or so to 'cook.' This offering happened to be in the Spa Collection. It was called "Szechuan Stir Fry with Shrimp." Is your mouth watering yet?When I opened the microwave to retrieve my meal, the smell of stir fry wafted deliciously out in a puff of steam. I was ready. I was salivating. Really. Not pretty, but true.I uncovered it and took it to my office, where I usually eat. Yeah, so all good food habit instruction suggests that eating at your desk is only the worst thing you can do in life, besides pushing an old lady into the street. But it's what I do when I am at work. I eat at my desk, taking turns hunching over the keyboard and the plate. I stirred my prize, relishing the variety of ingredients: Shrimp, snap peas, baby corn and whole wheat pasta in a spicy asian-style sauce says the website.But wait...I have been cheated! The write-up says snap peas. Peas! As in multiple. I had one. And it was good! Everything in the TV dinner, er, microwave meal was delicious. But I was disappointed with only one pea. Just sayin.

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