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Haboob Manifesto, Pt. 3.5: Imani

Happy 2013! I am disappointed that, as my favorite science fiction movies of the 50s suggested, we do not have flying cars and teleportation devices.

Where were you when 2013 began? I mean, in your time zone. After all, I was watching the morning news when it became 2013 in Bejing. I was sitting in the car when it became 2013 in New Jersey; I was sitting in the parking lot and called my mom to share well-wishes.

I was in church when it became 2013 here.

Watchnight service. We hadn't been to a watchnight service since before moving to California. For those not familiar with the term, it's purpose is for folks to spend time in prayer and thanksgiving as the old year ends and the new one begins. Members of various faith traditions spend the hours before New Years dawns together in their sanctuaries.

I am glad we spent that time woshipping, praying, and being prayed for. I am glad this is how we welcomed not only the new year but the final day of Kwanzaa, known as Imani, or faith. I could attempt to say something profound, but I could never do justice to what has already been written, either here, or here.

Here's to your new year, and to your faith. May you consider the victories, triumphs, and struggles of your ancestors and those in your community who paved the way for you, and honor them by paying it forward. Many blessings for a fabulous new year!

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