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Write Now! "Knock-Off Handbag"

Here's the prompt from the December 28 posting at the Write Now! blog: Develop a new character ONLY by describing the contents of their purse (backpack, etc.).

Lillian made her way, hoisting the tote a bit higher on her shoulder. She checked to make sure she had placed it on the arm closest to Wanda's side of the isle; more than anything, she had been looking forward to wearing the new purse to the office.

She came out of her reverie just in time to notice the light on in the cubicle. Lillian heard the sound of chair wheels and saw the top of Wanda's head as she stood; a ripping, and an iPhone, MAC lipstick, Gucci keychain, and Steve Madden planner tumbled out of the gaping hole that had suddenly appeared in the bottom of Lillian's bag. She let it drop at her side as she got down on all fours to fetch her items as Wanda sidestepped the mess.

In the breakroom that afternoon, Lillian struggled to finish her lunch while listening to all the conversations about the problem of fake designer purses.

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