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Irresistable Shares: Fear

I received an email from a colleague that dealt with the topic of prophetic vision for 2013. I often struggle with such messages because the inner monologue usually begins as soon as I see the subject line:Prophesies about 2013? Really? How can this unnamed individual who put out this email know what has been going on with me? And then I read it. And have to roll back the monologue like Sandman rolling someone off the stage at the Apollo.In this one, there was a real gem:Proverbs 3:25-26 Do not be afraid of sudden terror, nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes; for the LORD will be your confidence, and will keep your foot from being caught. Be on the alert for temptations to believe lies that lead to fear.FalseEvidenceAppearingReal(courtesy of Faith Tabernacle, Kremmling CO)The reminder that fear is actually the false appearance of reality was something I needed today. Like the fears we have of not being good enough, or that something terrible will happen, etc. One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 91, particularly the part that indicates the Lord will not allow me to dash my foot upon a stone--not a boulder, or a rock, but a stone...He protects me from the smallest of apparent obstacles. And for this reason I should have no fear.At least not real fear. I am still jumpy about the bump in the night, strange unexplicable noise, or invisible thing the dogs see. But that's different.

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