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I'm Not Ready For My Close-Up: A Beautiful Blogger Award!

It doesn't take much to make me happy. A beautiful sunrise. A good piece of chocolate. A re-run of my favorite movie.But today, I was nominated by indytony (from "A Way With Words" fame) for a Beautiful Blogger Award, which, based on his comment is based on his conviction that, by winning such a prestigious award I could accomplish world peace by passing it along and that my work here is valued. Or something like that. You'll have to go ferret out the actual comment yourself and decide.In order to live up to the breadth, depth, and pinnacle-height of this award, I am going to provide you with the details of it's greatness by sharing the secret handshake silly walk information that the one so dubbed with the honor is asked to share.


  1. Include the Beautiful Blogger Award in a post (yep, see above)
  2. Thank the person who dubbed you with the honor and link back to them (yep, see indytony's name above and here again for the link; "thank you," she said, wiping the tears and imaginary mascara from her eyes...)
  3. Tell seven things about yourself (yep, keep reading...)
  4. Pass on the Beautiful Blogger love to seven more bloggers (yep, keep on reading more...)

Okay...let's see... seven things about me. This blog is a gathering-place for seemingly disparate information, so the following seven things are pretty much the same:

  1. I was left-handed as a child but because there were no left-handed things like desks, scissors, etc., my dad forced em to become right-handed. Now I'm just confused.
  2. I won an honorable mention from our local electric company (which they published in their newsletter) for a short story I wrote whilst in elementary school; it was about a possessed toaster or something...
  3. I have a number of published articles, an encyclopedia chapter, and a few other scholarly items, but I truly want to publish some fiction.
  4. My first act as an activist occurred when I was in first or second grade in elementary school (no, this is not related to the short story contest for the electric company...); I shoved a younger child on the bus for using the word $%**er (rhymes with "bigger") to describe our school principal and superintendent. Despite being called to the office for manhandling this small child, I was vindicated upon the details of the melee being fully revealed.
  5. I am a boycotter. I have been boycotting an ice cream stand favored by most if not all the people in the town in which we used to live after being slighted on the chocolate in my chocolate shake; I requested that it be made with extra chocolate, only to discover after tasting it that there was less chocolate than a normal shake. Not one penny more have they, or will they receive from these pockets, darn it...
  6. I love deep house music. 'Nuff said.
  7. If I had the money, I would buy my family a piece of property upon which we could build our dream home, complete with fenced yards for all the abandoned animals we would adopt from the shelter.

And now that I have been given the virtual scepter to further the dubbing process, here are my seven in no specific order:The Misanthropic Muse: I dub thee, leader of inspiring bits (your prose shows your quick wit)The Jiggly Bits: I dub thee, leader of the absolutely cry-until-you-laugh bits (I can't make it through one post without tears of laughter...I love it!)The World's Top 10: I dub thee, leader of all things list-y (how in the world do you compile all that info???)Morning Story & Dilbert: I dub thee, leader of things that make me very thoughtful first thing in the morning (you find the best stories to share, outside of Paulo Coehlo, who is typically sharing his own...)My Thoughts on the Subject are as Follows: I dub thee, leader of he said, she said (you have to visit the blog to get it)Today's Author: I dub thee, leader of right now Write Now! (you make my brain stay tingly...)Chris Martin Writes: I dub thee, leader of independence and volunteerism (love your ministry posts, and your writing too)

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