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Haboob Manifesto Pt. 4: 2:09am, A/K/A, What To Do...

Hello, 2:09am; how are ya? I was hanging out sleeping and my brain woke me up. Here is how the monologue went:Soooo... it's just after 2am. I've been waking at this hour for a while now. Maybe I should get up and write; it has been said (somewhere, or did I imagine it?) that doing something productive when you can't sleep is better than just lying there. Or in this case is it "laying there?" Grammar, really?? Let's see...I could add a new post. What to call it. Whatever it is, it will have "A/K/A" in it. Does anyone use that acronym anymore? Will I need to indicate for the non-initiated reader that it means "also known as" or has it become such an integrated term in the lexicon that I don't need to worry? Who includes the word 'lexicon' in their late-night musings?Right. So I don't want to get up and write because that requires either one of two things: I will either go out and disrupt the currently quiet dogs in order to get on the computer or I will disrupt my comfortably sleeping husband if I use my tablet. So, no writing.Ah, I must remember to send that email reminder tomorrow about the Thursday thing. Unless I want to sneakily bag out of the Thursday thing. Which would be bad. [mental scenario begins on how the Thursday thing will go, which causes more anxiety]. Right. So I don't want to pontificate on how that whole thing might go, since such ruminations are usually completely bogus. Why all the big words in my brain right now??!!?Oh, yeah, I have to calculate the bills. Now that is totally a wrong thought trail for this hour.So is this what is meant by the witching hour? I really don't want to think to hard on that either. Why can't I think about a nice vacation, or a calming story, or something?Why am I thinking of all the miserable things...regrets, people I miss, abuses I've suffered (and lived to tell the tales of, praise God); all the past things about which I can do nothing?And suddenly I had fallen back to sleep. I remember being told that counting sheep was a good way to go back to sleep.


I tried that once and it was difficult because I didn't live in an area with sheep so I had to imagine sheep, which took concentration, which kept me awake. What to do...So here I am, about seven hours later, still thinking about not sleeping. Concerned that I will again see 2:09am tomorrow morning. Not wanting to take medication to ensure that I won't wake up at that hour because then I look like this guy during my morning commute:


I might need a writing prompt today to inspire me. Or maybe I could go calculate those bills...

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