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Irresistable Shares: Another Submitted Piece

As I sit and once again watch Jeff Bridges pull off his Rooster Cogburn role, I breathe a sigh of relief at completing another short story. I decided to submit it for possible publication; Glimmer Train closes submissions for the January open period in 11 days, so I figured, again, what the hey! and posted a story I called "Transport." Here is a snippet:

The car directly in front of Grace moved to the right and ducked quickly onto the next exit. The smell from the truck seemed to be more pungent; Grace slowed her cruise control a bit more in hopes of putting more distance between her car and Paragon Specialty Logistics, as the shiny letters on the back doors of the trailer kept reminding her. She found herself trying to make up different names using the first letters of each word:Parakeets Seem LogicalProfessionals Seeking LoungewearPoop Smells Lousy"Ha! That sure is the truth!" Grace said out loud to her steering wheel. She looked up at the truck again, the smile fading from her lips; although there was still one car between her and the trailer, the smell seemed to be getting stronger. She realized that it had begun to have a distinctly human tint to it. She shook her head to clear the thoughts and scent from her mind, grateful to see her exit.

As with my previous post about submitting to Glimmer Train, I will update with any news once it arrives. Now, like Rooster, I tip my hat and leave with one of my favorite lines from "True Grit." It fits in this situation because publication ain't promised until you have the confirmation in hand and/or payment for your work...I don't believe in fairy tales or sermons or stories about money, baby sister. But thank you for the cigarette.

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