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Friday Fictioneers: Rest Now, Sweet Isis

The photo for this week's Friday Fictioneers is another great one:Interestingly on my drive in, I was missing Roger Zelazny, so this is my 100-word ode to him.

Set was on a rampage. Again. Horus had been out drinking—He and Anubis slayed the ladies up in the clubs—and upon his return was loudly proclaiming his greatness. Everyone knew the story, but after a few beers, Horus would start to reminisce, blathering on about trouncing Set back in the day. As they continued their eternal argument, Osiris pulled Isis closer, wrapping his wrappings about her. They both shuddered as Ra joined in the revelry, always happy to stoke the fire. Isis closed her eyes and rested against Osiris, wishing they’d spent the money to soundproof the catacombs.

Write Now! Prompt for January 29, 2013: Jonathan's Prayer