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Daily Prompt: Nice Is As Nice Does

Those Daily Post pixies sure are demanding:

Tell us about the nicest thing you’ve ever done.

Despite their placing me in the interrogation chamber with the bright lights and so on, I honestly have to tell you that I don't know what the nicest thing I've ever done has been, but so as not to roil their wrath any more than necessary, I can tell you about some of the nicest things that have been done for me.I have been in situations where we were going through a tumultuous time and people have come with meals for us.We have been down to our last in finances and been gifted with money.I have had a terrible day and received an encouraging telephone call just before turning in for the night.Why, just the other day I was gifted with a free acupuncture treatment because I haven't been able to go for nearly nine months.There are many other things that have been done for me--so many that I can't begin to name them, or the people who gave them. And all those things mean so much more, are so much more valuable to talk about, than talking about what I've ever done. 

Daily Prompt: Strange, But True

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