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Write Now! 24 January 2014: It's People!

"But Jerry--you mustn't go out there today," his mother pleaded as she pulled on his coat sleeve. "Didn't you hear the reports? There's a killer on the loose!"Jerry shook her off. "Ma, if I don't go to work, I don't get paid. If I don't get paid, we don't eat, etc." He opened the door and looked toward the bus stop. "See, the stop is right there. Nothing's going to happen. You can see me, I can see you. And if you see something strange, you can yell to me and I'll run back to the house, or you can call the police, yeah?" She slunk back and watched him make his way to the bench. Once there he turned and smiled. "See?" He continued to watch her face as it contorted; she was saying something but he couldn't hear her over the sound of the bus as it pulled in behind him. He climbed aboard and found it full of people with terrified expressions on their faces. "What's wrong with you lot?" A man in a top hat pointed toward the driver's seat, which was occupied by a skeleton. Jerry realized that the bus, or whatever it was  behind the disguise of a bus, was the killer that had been plaguing their town for weeks. He tried to think quick: "Oh, sorry! This is the wrong bus! I need the midtown!" He turned but it was too late--the doors had closed and there was no way out. As the bus started to pull away, he looked out the window and watched his mother faint.

If you didn't get the title reference, the whole "soilent green is people" thing came to mind as I wrote this little ditty for today's prompt. Click below to go and add yours.


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