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Daily Post Meets Picture It & Write 26 January 2014: The Queen Is Not Amused

The girls came from different villages, each chosen for their smiles and smallish hands; the Queen wanted servants who were pleasant on the eye and whose hands were tiny and deft; such was necessary for working with the precious crystals that were used in all her crowns. The Queen sat on her throne and arranged her robes. "Send them in," she ordered. In marched 40 girls, each holding a crystal crown. "You! Come here," she called to one very small girl. "Your crown should have 26 crystals, where are the rest?""I thought it was pretty with just 17," the child replied.

A bit of a combo for this week's Picture It & Write and the Daily Prompt, where the pixies said

It’s January 26. Write a post in which the number 26 plays a role.

Daily Prompt: These Are the Breaks

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