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Daily Prompt: Call Him Mister Fix-It

So the day started out as--and continued to be--one I'd like a big do-over on. Thus the lateness of the post. I almost didn't respond to it at all, but the pixies at the Daily Post wanted me to share some compelling information today:

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?

That person, the one I am closest to, would be my Christopher. He has numerous lessons that have been passed on to me over the years that we have been together. But if I were to choose the biggest, most valuable, most fantastic lesson...the one I wish had been imparted to me by parents and those in authority over my would have to be this:

Be yourself.

He has been my rock through this period of unemployment; he encourages me to remember that I need to do the purpose for which God made me. He had embodied the vows we said nearly a decade ago (the whole richer-poorer, sickness-health bit). He has stood as my greatest fan and most honest reader as I have continued this journey of writing. He has allowed me to explore the various schemes ideas that have excited me from day to day. He has dried my tears when I have not met my goals.

That is the best lesson of all.

And while I don't call him Mr. Tibbs, I certainly call him Mr. Fix-It. He makes everything better.

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