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Friday Fictioneers, 31 January 2014 Meets the Daily Prompt: Presently Breaking All the Rules

I do not follow rules; I break them regularly. That is what I am doing now. See that sign up there, the one that says 'No Smoking in Workshop'? Check this out: I bought it on the way in today. It's a Tiparillo; this one is a Sweet--I thought that would add insult to injury. Oh, look! Here comes Joe, the foreman now; boy he looks mad. Wait, let me take a good long pull so I can blow out the smoke all lazy-like, just as he gets here. What? Nah, let him fire me. I hate this job anyway.

Ha! I say to the pixies over at the Daily Post today, who demanded that we

Write a post entirely in the present tense.

Thanks to Rochelle over at Friday Fictioneers (and Claire for supplying it!) for the perfect image that helped my reply to the pixies. Click the picture to visit the fine folks at Fictioneers and link up.

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