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Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt #6: Ozma's Kingdom

It had been five centuries since Queen Ozma had ventured out of her castle. The day she chose to do so was sunny, bright, and the waters were clear. She was shocked to discover that the castle had separated from the mainland and thus she was separated from what had been her kingdom. She wondered what had become of the Good Wizard who had lived on the tip of Craggly Point, the little people of the meadow, and the wild dogs of the plain who had served her as sentries and guards. As she looked to the west she saw smoke at the top of the Point and knew all was not changed.

There's nothing like coming out of hiding after a few centuries to find that things are changed but the same; just ask Queen Ozma. A few words (113) for this week's Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt. Be sure to click the image to link up.

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