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VisDare 46: Confirming a Rumor of Sprites

Once upon a time in a small town very nearby, there was a rumor of sprites; the infestation of these small humanoids was at once disturbing and funny. There were old people who claimed that the creatures had been causing havoc for years but no one had seen them. "Look! Those knotholes on the trees, close to the ground--that's where they live!" the old people insisted, yet no one saw evidence of sprites or anything else living in the trees. But then Patsy turned four and she insisted to her parents that she had seen the sprites. Unbeknownst to them she began building a sprite catcher which she placed carefully behind her favorite poplar tree at the back corner of the yard. One day her mother came into the foyer and there, in the cheery light that had been Wednesday morning, stood Patsy. "See, mommy--I told you they were real!"

Ah, the connections between our beginnings and endings, when we see and hear similar things in the shadows. Click below to visit this week's VisDare and link up.


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