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Daily Prompt: Is it Live, or is it...

I have been awake since around 2am.I awoke and then my brain began working out various projects and plans for my day; my Christopher roused at about 3:30 and up we went. He turned on a movie and I washed some dishes whilst we chatted. In the midst of the sudsing, I was struck--broadsided, I tell you!--by a story idea. I jotted it into one of the various notebooks at my disposal and set it aside. And then, once I got situated after some technical wrangling of the laptop (quit rolling your eyes--I am usually wrangling with the netbook; this is a completely different machine) I saw that the Daily Post pixies had an interesting assignment for me:

Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer.

So I popped over to the I Write Like website and punched in my two brief paragraphs. I won't post all of it here as I am working it into a larger work. But here is a snippet:

The things that started The Happening acted like germs, but only because that is what they were.It began when Master Rigby Alice (of the eastern Alices; everyone knew that the western Alices were little more than troglodytes in fancy dress) snuck into the pantry to play soldiers one afternoon (the pantry being a most suitable place for the only child of Mr. Arthur Alice, Esq., and Mrs. Bitsy Alice, socialite; at parties, in whispers shared behind snifters of fine sherry they were called "ABA"); the aforementioned soldiers were fresh off a sortie down by the duck pond when all was discovered by Nanny Grayson: "Master Rigby! Come away from the water lest you drown!" So as to appease the buzzardly spinster who served as headmistress and surrogate parent, the youngest Alice retreated the frontline to a secure location behind the pickled herring but between the rice tins and stewed tomatoes (due to the fact that Mrs. Alice, for reasons unknown, kept the items in her pantries alphabetized; Master Rigby's favorite contained all items and foodstuffs lettered O through T).

The "I Write Like" page indicated that I write like Lewis Carroll; I submit it was only because my characters' surname is Alice.I was hoping for a smidge of Ray Bradbury (or Harryhausen, had it been a work done in clay, but that is another genre for another time).Is it live, or is it Memorex? And that too is a question for another genre and another time...

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